The car has been sanded to the bare metal by the bodyshop and we came to some early conclusions:

– There are some small rusty spots on the car, but all in all the body is in very healthy condition! The bottom of the doors were in completely rust-free condition,
something that is absolutely rare for this model! Even the door sills
were close to perfect with only minor work.
– Sanding the car back through time, we found out that the original color was indeed light gold. Then, it has been repainted in red several times and there were at least 5 layers of red on the car !
– It has sustained some damage on the right side a number of years ago and the RH door was replaced. A lot of filler was used on the right side of the car, all removed and the panels were beaten until they fit again, requiring much less filler to be re-applied.

In short, it was the right choice to have it restored to the original specs because it is after all a very healthy Mondial !